Job for Lead Business Development in Dr. Reddys Loboratories,Hyderabad


Position Title: Lead – Business Development, India

Reporting to: Head – Business Development, India

Location: Hyderabad

Education Qualifications: BE/MBBS/Post Graduate and MBA from Premium Institute.

Experience: 7-12 years in Strategic Planning and Business Development

Business Understanding: –

  • Ability to identify growth opportunities; Strong understanding of Branded Formulations Market in India, and the Therapy Areas in which Dr.Reddy’s is operating.
  • Good understanding of concepts of financial modelling, Regulatory, Quality, Medical, Commercial and Supply chain
  • Strong team player, who is able to work with cross functional teams to execute the deals.
  • Patient, but with an eye on the end objective at the same time.


  1. Identify External Growth Drivers
  • Identify the High value business opportunities, in the form of strategic Alliances, In-licensing opportunities for novel assets/NCEs, Acquisition Targets (Brands or portfolio of brands) order to accelerate Dr.Reddy’s growth and strengthen its market position
  1. Strategic Alliancing
  • Identify potential strategic alliance targets. Initiate relationship through one-on-one meetings, engage top management from both the sides. Create internal alignment for the alliance
  • Outline the scope and structure of the alliance; build win-win scenario / business case for alignment of both the parties
  • Align internal resources for execution. Work with finance, legal, quality, medical, supply chain teams to ensure due diligence of products/portfolios that are going to be licensed-in
  • Get the term sheet signed off. Draft the agreement. Negotiate to protect Dr.Reddy’s interest. Get the agreements signed off
  • Identify the execution plan and responsible persons. Hand-hold during execution in order to ensuring the success of the alliance which shall provide Dr.Reddy’s access of a portfolio of unique products.
  1. In-licensing of Novel Products and Global Brands
  • Represent Dr.Reddy’s on global forums like Bio-US, Bio-Europe, Bio Asia and other similar forums and position Dr.Reddy’s as Partner of choice
  • Identify the Novel products which shall be game changing for Dr.Reddy’s in the given therapy
  • Get the clinical and commercial assessment done through KOL meetings. Do the financial modelling and patient modelling for arriving at the valuation of the asset
  • Get the business case, term sheet and the agreement signed off. Negotiate with the partners for win proposition
  • Work with finance, legal, quality, medical, supply chain teams to ensure due diligence of products/portfolios that are going to be licensed-in
  • Hand-hold with alliance management for successful regulatory approval and commercial launch
  • In order to enable Dr.Reddy’s launch unique and novel products and global brands which shall provide impetus to achieving leadership position.
  1. Acquisition of Strategic Assets and Brands
  • Identify opportunities that will provide step change to the business. Screen the universe of the companies and the brands based on identified criteria
  • Get top management buy-in and initiate the approach process. Submit NBO. On its acceptance, plan the Due Diligence process and get the cross functional team work on the diligence
  • Do risk assessment and forecasting. Arrive at the right valuation and submit BO. Negotiate with the counter party. Conclude the selloff. Hand hold during the integration in order to give step change to the Business in terms of top line and the brand portfolio
GG India HO
Strategic Planning , Business Development
Hyderabad, Telangana, India
Lead Business Development




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