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Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering Jobs In Dubai: Engineering teachers lead courses related to the application of the physical laws and principles of engineering across a wide range of specializations, including chemical, electrical, mechanical, industrial and civil engineering.

Engineering is a highly technical field, but to teach the subject, candidates need the ability to develop rapport with students and explain technical ideas in an understandable and engaging manner. Use the skills section of your engineering teacher job description to explain the need for candidates to be able to translate engineering principles into language beginners can understand.

Since education requirements can vary widely depending on the type of courses taught and the type of institution, be sure to specify what kind of education and training you require of your candidates. Read the example below for more ideas of what to include in your engineering teacher job description.

About Company :

Heriot-Watt University World Expos have brought together dazzling minds to showcase the greatest innovations shaping the world we live in today.  Heriot-Watt University, a global institution with campuses in Dubai, Malaysia and Scotland is proud to be supporting the official UK pavilion.

As part of Expo 2020, the University hosted a thought-provoking Future Skills conference on December , which explored how our world-leading research is shaping the industries of the future and jobs of tomorrow.

As the world grapples with pandemic recovery, the conference contributed and provided constructive solutions, shining a laser beam light on the role of innovation in meeting global challenges.

The conference explored the need to re-imagine purposeful education, discuss industries of the future and highlighted ways to create a global workforce with the skills, lifelong learning and entrepreneurial mindsets, able to grow future economies.

Responsibility  :

  • Carry a load of four courses per semester in various topics pertaining to mechanical engineering, including at least one introductory engineering course
  • Develop courses in your specialization and participate in departmental curriculum and program development
  • Assess student performance in adherence to departmental guidelines and make recommendations for advanced coursework based on student ability
  • Advise students in the major, mentoring students who are completing their final projects and providing career guidance to those determining their major or specialization
  • Hold regular weekly office hours and ensure students know when and where you are available to answer questions and offer guidance
  • Stay up to date on advancements in the field and new research being produced in your area of expertise
  • Serve on department committees as assigned by the department head and help ensure all committee goals are met in a timely manner

Skills :

  • Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering
  • Experience teaching at the college level
  • Desire and ability to mentor students
  • PhD in Mechanical Engineering
  • Three years of post-secondary teaching experience


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