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Job Description:

Computer Science Lecturer Jobs In Dubai: Given the level of personal and professional dependence we have on computer technology, computer literacy has become almost important as being able to read and write. Yet, almost a quarter of the American population lacks sufficient computer skills. You can help change that. As a computer science professor in our applied technology department, you’ll help to build upon the basic skills our students have already acquired.

This position will allow you to prepare tomorrow’s working professionals by teaching them how to use the applications available through the Microsoft Office suite. You’ll also have the chance to instruct students interested in pursuing careers in computer technology, advanced programming languages and techniques. Plus, under the direction of our department chair, you’ll have the opportunity to contribute your skills to groundbreaking research.

Computer science teachers instruct students on the proper use of computer technologies at the post-secondary level (i.e., colleges, universities or technical schools). Their teaching curriculum may range from computer design and development to the use of different data management applications. As academics, they may also participate in funded research to either help create new technologies or develop updated teaching methods.

The computer science teacher job description shown below demonstrates the skills you should be looking for in your ideal candidate. First and foremost, he or she should have an expert-level understanding of computer hardware and software, gained from both academic studies and professional experience.

Beyond that, he or she must also demonstrate excellent communication skills if he or she is to succeed in teaching complex principles to students. Review the computer science teacher job description template to understand the professional attributes that should be your highest priority.

About Company :

Nest Academy Dubai Nest Academy is licensed by KHDA (Knowledge & Human Development Authority – Dubai) and offers credit bearing UK Qualifications at all level in new age careers. The courses are specially designed to build the skill sets needed to succeed in the industry. With an emphasis on practical training and giving best internship opportunities, our faculty guide students in every step of the way.

Assessments are based on assignments, case studies, entrepreneurship projects, and collaborative presentations. At Nest Academy Dubai, our objective is to generate skilled industry-ready professionals in new age careers. We encourage students to make their passion into profession by supporting them with Scholarship Assistance, providing Student Visa and procuring Student Work Permit.

Responsibility :

  • Teach introductory computer technology and data management applications courses to underclassmen as part of university’s general education core curriculum
  • Participate with other department faculty members in offering advanced computer science courses to students pursuing bachelor’s degrees in fields related to computer and information technology
  • Instruct and mentor individual applied technology and computer science majors as they work their way through each departments’ undergraduate programs
  • Assist department staff in managing and maintaining the university’s main computer lab, working rotating shifts to ensure it remains open for students during both day and evening hours
  • Coordinate with faculty as well as outside personnel in discussing research opportunities, and represent department in requesting funding from university finance department and private donors
  • Develop curriculum to be used by department staff and to be published and shared with other academic institutions
  • Work with department chair as well as university admissions department annually to arrange class schedules for each academic semester
  • Maintain regular office hours during the academic semester to be available to meet with students individually when needed

Skills :

  • Doctoral degree in computer science or a related field
  • Minimum of five years of experience working in software development, program coding, network administration or data warehousing
  • Demonstrated public speaking and communication skills
  • Previous teaching experience (at any academic level)
  • Willingness to travel to other universities as part of research fellowship


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