DevOps Engineer Opportunity @ London in Wipro


Job Description

The successful candidate will demonstrate an excellent knowledge of Programming experience with Python / Ruby / Go Lang, Ansible, Kubernetes, Docker, Unix and AWS

Key Qualifications

  • Strong sense of ownership, customer service, time management, and integrity demonstrated through clear communication
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Must be capable of independent problem-solving and self-direction with an eye towards creating business value for our internal customers
  • Solid grounding in build/release (CI/CD) pipelines, methodologies and tools (Jenkins, Spinnaker, Artifactory)
  • Proven ability to write programs using a high-level programming language as well as modern application server frameworks (Ruby, Python, Go).
  • Deep understanding of the Linux Operating System
  • Experience with configuration management systems (Chef, Ansible) and provisioning systems
  • Background using Kubernetes, Docker, AWS, immutable infrastructure and related technologies in geographically dispersed production environments
  • Experience administering and supporting RDMS and NoSQL databases
  • Passion for eliminating repetitive manual processes using data and automation (e.g. Splunk, Rundeck, Stackstorm, Pulumi, etc)
  • Demonstrated experience supporting RESTful, session based web applications using technologies such as Java, Ruby, Rails, Passenger, PHP, Python, NginX, etc
  • Ability to easily change priorities or manage multiple priorities as the business needs dictates

Only those who are currently based in London will be considered for this opportunity


 DevOps Engineer


 B3 or C1


 London, UK


 180000000000099259602021 (1 position)


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Job Code/Indent180000000000099259602021

Location   – London, UK

How to Apply:

Send your resume to: and mention Job code “180000000000099259602021 in the subject line.

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