Job for Software Engineer in Arista Networks, Pune


Arista Networks builds the infrastructure software that is the foundation block for Data Centers, Cloud, Web, and the entire internet. Our switches and routers are the backbones of large data centers that host Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Facebook, etc. High-Frequency Traders rely on Arista to provide an ultra-low latency network. Arista disrupted the traditional infrastructure technology by pioneering the move from hardware to Software Defined Networks, Cloud, and now to greater network visibility through telemetry and data analytics solutions.

All this is possible because of the strong product engineering innovation that is the core of Arista’s DNA. At Arista, we take pride in our engineering prowess. We hire the best engineers and give them the most complex infrastructure problems to solve. We push for quality and not quantity. As our CTO/EVP(Engineering) Ken Duda puts it “It’s in our culture, quality is the most important thing. Getting it right is more important than feature velocity, ship dates, and new platforms”.

With over 400+ engineers in Bangalore and Pune are a big part of Arista’s technology leadership. With new products in the offering, we are planning to strengthen the India team. If you are looking for an authentic software engineering job where you can make a fundamental impact at the core infrastructure level, you should be talking to us – we are looking for aptitude and attitude; you need not have worked in wireless or networking domains to work at Arista.

What will you get to do as a Software Engineer at Arista?

At Arista software engineers are the real deal – they do a lot more than simply writing code. You will work on the whole development process, including:

·      Suggesting and deciding what features to build

·      Driving the design and architecture

·      Pushing, testing, documenting the feature

·      Working alongside customers in the field if needed

You will get to work with the best in your field and learn how to write amazingly reliable software –  At Arista, everyone is hands-on including our managers, directors, VP’s and of course our CTO!

Are you right for this role?

Do you like coding? Does your adrenaline go up when you have difficult problems to solve? For success at Arista, all you need is:

  • Minimum 3+ years of work experience
  • Strong engineering and Computer Science fundamentals
  • Extensive background in algorithms and strong software architecture skills
  • Fluency in one or more of these programming languages: C, Java, Go, python, JavaScript
  • Hands-on experience with design and implementation in a strong product-engineering environment
  • Self-driven and self-motivated – At Arista, we empower engineers to work on their own with very little supervision and management.

Why Arista?

As a great software engineer, we know that you have multiple options to choose from. So why Arista? It is because:

  • Learning – A hands-on job like Arista’s is the best learning experience you can hope to get especially when you work with peers who are equally good or better.
  • Flexibility – Our engineers enjoy the utmost flexibility as we believe in judging by the output and not by the hours worked. Our performance review process is designed to reflect this – we believe that our best engineers know how to work and do not need to be told what to do.
  •  Truly global work – What we do in India is exactly the same as what we do in San Jose, Nashua, Vancouver, Dublin, and other worldwide locations. You don’t have to move out of India to do cutting-edge software – at Arista, you can do it right here.
  • A large company with a start-up mindset – We work like a start-up – less management, cost-conscious, innovating, and disrupting our own products and we can go on. A mindset that is hard to get in a $15b+ market cap public company


  • Seniority level-Mid-Senior level

  • Employment type-Full-time

  • Job function-Engineering, Information Technology, and Design

  • Industries-Computer Software, Internet, and Computer Networking

  • LocationPune




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