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Manager Job In Abbotsford: We are searching for a manager with good business sense to join our team. The farm manager’s responsibilities include monitoring staff, crops, and livestock, purchasing supplies, preparing budgets and reports, and ensuring maximum profit. You should be able to maintain professional networks and keep abreast of developments in agricultural science.

To be successful as a farm manager, you be detail-oriented but also keep the bigger picture in mind. Outstanding candidates are keen problem solvers who are focused on efficiency and take a hands-on approach to management.

About Company:

The Nutriva Group story all started with a local farm boy Bill Vanderkooi, who went off to college and returned as an MSc graduate. Upon his return, he and his business partner developed and produced a dairy cow supplement called NutriChlor.  A few years later, the production moved to a mill and, in  Bill established his first company Nutritech Solutions which later became part of Nutriva Group. From there, we’ve continued to grow and add to our lineup of service offerings.

Nutriva originates from the words – Nutrition and Innovation. Nutriva Group first came together in 2009, bringing together business units in the Feed, Farm and Food sectors.

As a parent company, Nutriva Group provides systems, training, and support to all it’s business units; by using a proprietary Playbook framework focusing on Strategy, Operations, People and Finance. We believe that the entrepreneurial nature of our group is a catalyst for change and growth.

Nutriva represents the collective group of businesses we have developed over the years. The Nutriva Group of companies is about finding solutions to problems, and we have a vision for a better future along with a plan for how to get there.  All of these established businesses in the Feed, Farm & Food sectors align with who we are and share our mission, our vision, and our values.

You might consider Nutriva Group the parent company and all the other companies under that umbrella the offspring, and in this household, we are working together to ensure everyone succeeds.


  • Analyzing existing operations, crops, livestock, staff, and financial documents and recommending improvements.
  • Preparing plans and schedules for planting and harvesting and ensuring staff understands expectations.
  • Visiting the different divisions to inspect crops, livestock, and also perform tests on soil and water.
  • Ensuring seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, and other supplies are regularly restocked.
  • Scheduling repairs, maintenance, and replacement of equipment and machinery.
  • Handling the marketing and sale of products produced on the farm like fruit, vegetables, dairy, meat, and grain.
  • Ensuring all staff adheres to health and safety regulations.
  • Assisting with the recruitment and training of new staff members.


  • Extensive experience in a farming-related field.
  • Management experience would be a plus.
  • A passion for agriculture.
  • Excellent problem-solving, analytical, and critical thinking skills.
  • The ability to make decisions in stressful environments.
  • Superb communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Willingness to work overtime as required.


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