Teaching Job in Nagpur For Fresher/Experience


Teaching Assistants are responsible for handling secretarial as well as academic and classroom management tasks that a teacher would otherwise do.

The role played by teaching assistants within institute can be vital in helping students gain basic literacy and numeric skills, particularly at key stage one.

Job Description :

Help teachers with recordkeeping, such as tracking attendance and calculating grades
Help teachers prepare for lessons by getting materials ready or setting up equipment, such as computers Reinforce lessons presented by teachers by reviewing material with students one-on-one or in small groups

Enforce school and class rules to help teach students proper behavior

Help supervise students in class, between classes, during lunch and recess, and on field trips

Providing support to students with mathematics, reading and writing on an individual, class or small group basis

Giving extra help to students with special needs or those for whom English is not their first language

Helping to develop programmes of learning activities and adapting appropriate materials

Motivating and encouraging pupils

Assisting with marking and correcting work

Attending meetings and reviews

Helping with class events, trips and activities

Track record of creating and maintaining effective student-teacher relationships


Key Skills :

  • Classroom & Teacher Assistance
  • Special Education Support
  • Learning Differences
  • Student Safety & Supervision
  • Resource Room Tutoring
  • Learner Engagement & Assessment
  • Classroom Management Strategies
  • Class Material Preparation
  • Student Progress Monitoring
  • Education Technologies

Key Qualifications :

Bachelor’s degree; master’s may be preferred

Experience :

1-3 years of Experience

Fresher also apply

Location :

Manewada Centre, Chhatrapati Centre, Hudkeshwar Centre, Pawan Bhumi – Wardha Road, Nagpur.